Art, a source of inspiration.

Our laboratory values the creative and artistic approach of personalities with whom we share common values. On the principle of an ephemeral gallery, we share some spaces of our institutional communication to focus on a selection of achievements and the career of their author.

Franck Follet, photographer.

Born in 1964 in the Somme (France), Franck Follet discovered photography at the age of 18. The purchase of a Leica™ was the trigger for his passion. The hobby soon occupied all the free space left to him as artistic director in a communications agency. In 1992, he won a photography competition in a national magazine. This first recognition was followed by many other awards. Encouraged by his relatives, Franck decided in 1996 to fully devote himself to photography and set up his workshop in Antibes. Then there were exhibitions in Nice, Saint-Tropez and Monaco as well as prestigious collaborations.

Perceive, interpret, sublimate...

His thematic series:

Landscape, architecture, still life, graphics, nude, natural elements, etc.


His artistic approach:

  • The quest for aesthetics, in every detail and in every place.
  • The art of reinterpreting reality, even if it means leaving the figurative for the abstract.
  • Women, as a subject and a source of inspiration.